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Consistency Starts Here,
Our Industry Leading Trading Course

Our mission here at Vanquish Trading is to teach you a skill set that will last a lifetime. This course will teach you how to see the Futures markets clearly and trade confidently in any market condition. From the basics of getting started, to more advanced trading techniques, everything you need to become a professional trader will be found in this course.

Course Foundation

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Support & Resistance

The foundation for all Technical Analysis. Learn how to scan your charts to find areas of significant support and resistance. Adapt and react to price action as it moves between supply and demand zones.

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Trading Psychology

Trading is the hardest game in the world. Your going up against people and institutions that are smarter than you, and have access to more money than you. But the toughest challenges bring the greatest rewards. Learn to master your mindset and trade like the pros.

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Volume Profile

A very powerful charting study that shows the traded volume over a specified trading period. In this course you will learn how we can use this volume data to identify high probability levels to trade off of.

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Risk Management

An often overlooked topic that is vital for aspiring day traders to grasp. The name of this game is capital preservation. As traders we must manage each trade carefully or risk not surviving to trade another day. Further your edge with our risk management strategies.

Fully Transparent Trading.
Introducing Our Live Trading Room.

Included with your course enrollment, you’ll have access to our private trading room. Follow our head trader and get real time alerts with detailed entry and exit notes whenever we take a trade. It’s one thing to learn how to trade, but here you’ll gain real world experience and apply your knowledge from our course. Our goal here is to create a community of like-minded traders who can confidently make decisions and trade alongside one another virtually. 

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Learning Made Simple

Our intuitive and easy to follow online course platform.

Vanquish Trading Learning Platform

Learn at your own pace with our step by step online course. No intimidating, hard to follow or draining videos that are hours long. Each lesson in the course is made with the goal of having the best user experience possible. Our high quality videos are straight to the point with no fluff added in. We aimed to make each video lesson as short as possible while still teaching even the most advanced strategies.  

Our Members Love Us


“I think what sets this course apart from others is how professional the online platform actually is. The course is easy to use, easy to follow and everything is just laid out perfectly. I’ve had online college courses that were laid out worse than this. If you’re serious about learning how to day trade, don’t hesitate to join.”

Manny, Beta Tester

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“I’ve learned more in 2 weeks here at Vanquish Trading than I have in 1 year trading by myself. The course taught me how to see the markets more clearly and how to spot significant levels to trade off of. And the trading room has been great for giving me the confidence to take trades based off my analysis.”

Alex, Community Member

Discord - alex98

“I’ve been trading Futures and Options for a long time now, but I’ve always struggled with consistency until I joined Vanquish Trading. The course has taught me how form a trading plan and wait for high probability setups to come to me. It’s more than just a trading course, it’s also mindset training to help you become a better trader.”

Jeff, Community Member

Discord - jeffb43

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