Lesson 7: High Probability Setups Copy

In this lesson we’ll take everything we’ve learned so far in this course and use it all together to find high probability setups. 

Key topics from this lesson.

  • The highest probability setups are those that we wait for. Always be patient, and let the trades come to you. Great traders know the difference between looking for a trade and seeing a trade. The trades will come, I promise. And when they do it will be obvious, and you’ll capitalize.
  • A high probability setup does not mean that you need 4 or 5 indicators to all line up and give the same signal. Follow the trend, trust your supply & demand levels, and ride the price action. 

More High Probability Setup Examples

June 15 high probability setup
June 15th 2020: ES
Monday morning, we saw overnight price action gap down into and below the Monthly pivot, price created a bottom with bullish RSI divergence and broke back above the Monthly pivot. A bullish sign. Then, just before open we break above VWAP, break into Friday’s V.A with good momentum and break above the gap low. Two targets were hit. 1. The gap high 2. Friday’s VAH.