Live Trading Room Access Copy

Joining The Live Trading Room

In order to gain access to the Live Trading Room on Discord, you must follow the steps below.

Step 1: Follow This Link or click the button below to join the Discord Server. If you do not already have a Discord account, create one when prompted. Then return back to this page and complete the remaining steps.

Step 2: Fill out the form below with your Vanquish Trading credentials as well as your Discord Username. You must fill out the form below to gain access to the Trading Room!

Step 3: An admin will grant you access into the Discord Server as soon as all information is verified.

Step 4: Participate! The trading room is a huge part of learning to become a day trader. Trading along side each other will speed up your learning curve and you’ll gain valuable real world experience in the markets. Please do not be afraid to share your ideas and trading plans as well as entries and exits. This is a judgement free zone where we all help each other grow. 

(The name used when setting up your Vanquish Trading Account)
(The email associated with your Vanquish Trading Account)